Mr KK Hau

  • HonoraryTreasurer 名譽司庫

    Mr KK Hau   候經權先生

    Mr. Hau has been in the civil service for thirty years, working in the Hong Kong Government Standards and Calibration Laboratory in setting up and managing Hong Kong’s primary reference laboratories, and then in the Innovation and Technology Commission in support to the administration of the Innovation and Technology Fund.


    With experience in high precision measurements, Mr. Hau has been serving as a technical assessor of the calibration and testing laboratories under the HOKLAS (Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme).

    An electronics hobbyist since school days, Mr. Hau has innovated a number of electronic circuit topologies for power control applications, such as those for LED driving and dimming.  So far he has been granted / filed eight patents.

    Mr. Hau obtained his first degree B Sc Eng and then M Phil, both in electronics engineering, from the University of Hong Kong. Being an enthusiast in alternative medicine and medical electronics, he has also obtained Advanced Certificates in Human Physiology and Nutrition from the University of Hong Kong.