Terms & Condition

The privacy & Membership Terms & Condition


The HKETA agrees to offer the membership entitlements her corporate and individual members, in accordance to her M&A and the rules and/or guideline offer by the board of the HKETA upon member’s application and/or admission.

If the member does not pay the membership fee by the due date, the membership rights are liable to be terminated; and the membership services will be suspended until payment in full is received.

The HKETA will not refund or reimburse any portion of a subscription in advance. The annual membership fee is not refundable. Re-admission of membership shall be made to the HKETA within 3 months after the membership expiration or the membership will be considered a new member to be subjected to the approval by the HKETA.

 The membership is not transferable from one member to another.  Change of the membership types (corporate membership/individual membership/associate membership) might incur an administration charge.

Membership will be extended automatically for successive 12 month terms unless the member send to the HKETA a written notice of intent to resign the membership, and such notice should be made at least 30 days before the end of the membership.

The HKETA may suspend, vary, withdraw or terminate any of the services or membership benefit provide by herself and/or by any third parties without prior notice.


Membership benefits:

Membership will have the right to enjoy a discounted rate while attending the monthly networking dinner offer by the HKETA.

Member can join the training course, visit, workshop, exhibition, conference, symposium luncheon and seminar organized by the HKETA and priority will be offered the HKETA corporate member(s) & associate member(s) over individual member(s).

Corporate member will have the voting right during in the EGM and AGM of the HKETA.

Corporate member & associate member can apply to the association for promotion of her company’s services and/or products, in the event, networking dinner, symposium, and events organised or co-organized and or offered by the HKETA.


Membership / Cessation / Resignation / Termination

Members cease their membership only by giving the HKETA a written notice. A resignation is effective no earlier than the date the written notice is received by the HKETA and if no date is specified in the notice, no later than a fortnight after receipt.

Access to member entitlements and benefits will cease immediately upon the membership termination.

Terminated members, if wish to re-join, are considered to be new members and might incur a new member joining fee. It will also be subjected to the review or approval by the HKETA.

If the HKETA is unable to locate the member and the membership fee of the member is overdue, the HKETA may notify the member of cancellation of the membership by writing to the last recorded registered address or email address as deemed appropriate.


Change of Membership Details

The member should promptly notify the HKETA in writing of changes to her Entity, legal name, registered address or billing address (es) or principal contact details since changes may impact the HKETA ability to deliver the membership benefits.



Please note that the information provided by the member to the HKETA might be treated and protected as one propriety information. The information is being collected in the membership form application for the purposes of processing the application, to provide the member with membership services and to keep the member informed of upcoming events.   The intended recipient of the information will be the HKETA and its service providers. Please note that the provision of this information by the member/applicant is voluntary.  However, if the members/applicants do not provide the information requested, the HKETA may be unable to process the membership application or provide all agreed membership benefits.



Membership is valid when we receive from the member a completed application form, subjected to the approved by the board of the HKETA, and payment of membership is transacted successfully.  A receipt and/or membership will be issued upon receipt of payment.

Membership is for one (1) year commencing on the date first day of the year.

Membership will be extended automatically for successive 12 month terms unless the member send to the HKETA the written notice that the members do not want it renewed at least 30 days before the end of the membership.

An invoice will be sent to the member before the member membership renewal date which is payable prior to the member renewal date for membership fees paid annually.

Membership may be suspended or terminated if the member payment is not received within thirty (30) days of the membership renewal date.  In this circumstance, the HKETA reserves the right to recover the benefit of any membership received by the member whilst the member was in arrears.

There is no refund of any membership fees should the member cancel the membership at any stage during the membership year.

Changes to membership fees will only be made at the time of annual renewal of the membership.



In relation to the provision of the membership benefit: the HKETA exclude all implied conditions and warranties, except those of which the exclusion would contravene any statute or cause any part of these terms and conditions to be void; to the fullest extent permitted by law, the HKETA will not be liable for any loss or damage (whether foreseeable or not) suffered by any person acting on the advice provided by the HKETA (if any), whether the loss or damage arises in connection with the negligence of the HKETA, default or lack of care, any misrepresentation or any other cause; and liability of the HKETA is limited to providing the member with the services again.

Where deemed appropriate by the HKETA or the purposes of ensuring service to the member, corporate membership entitlements and benefits may be extended to the entity / entities own employees.