Congratulations to Our Youth’s STEM Club Chair, Monica Leung Featured in HKET and Skypost


Our HKETA Youth Member and STEM Club Chair, Ms Monica Leung and her technology startup, Blueinno Technology, launched STEAM education program for 3 years into the market.  Her kids education program is well recognized by the market and is featured in HKET and Skypost on 17th June, 2019. 


STEAM (Science, Technology, Electronics, Art, and Mathematic) is a new trend for technology education in the world nowadays, STEAM education inspires our next generation on the spirit of invention and innovation.  It helps kids to enhance the logical thinking and critical analysis to catch up with the future technology world. 


Blueinno Technology, a STEM Education Service Provider specialize in design, develop and deliver professional STEM learning programs by proven curriculum and technology.  Monica founded Blueinno in 2016 to inspire students to learn STEM to develop problem solving skills through creative design thinking methodology. Her startup has taught over 3000 students from local primary schools, to international schools, to tertiary school.

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HKETA Youth's STEM Club Plan a STEM Competition in Hong Kong


HKETA Youth Subcommittee is proud to announce that our STEM Club has been well established in Jan this year in which the platform is developed and operated by a group of young members and professionals.  We target to develop and deliver STEM activity, and workshop programs that could promote interest in STEM technology among young students and talents into the local community in Hong Kong.   We also fully support a lot of STEM events and activities including technical workshops and STEM sharing programs in industry sectors, academic institutes and local universities in Hong Kong. 


Our STEM Club will plan to organize an annual STEM competition: “Innovate for Future” on 16th Nov, this year.  Innovate for Future is an open competition to inspire young secondary school students in Hong Kong to build products to solve real life problems through idea to prototype development.  Our theme of this competition is “Society” – Smarter Living, Smarter Schools, and Smarter City.  In this competition, students will demonstrate an innovative idea and build a product prototype to solve problems in the society.  Competition will provide mentorship coaching and support during hardware and software prototype development before final pitch. 


This competition is supported by our international partner, San Jose State University (SJSU) and her Silicon Valley Centre for Global Studies (SVCG).  The final champion will have opportunity to connect to an international STEM submit and showcase the project under SJSU.  With the partnership and support by SJSU, we encourage to explore join programs and collaboration in the areas of STEM training program, cyber-security and smart city applications.


“We are very exciting to organize this event in Hong Kong by our HKETA Youth team.  This STEM competition may have good opportunity for our young students to understand better about our real life by using technology.  Students can participate how to create new application or improve real life problem based on their innovative ideas.” Said Ms Monica Leung, our HKETA Youth Member, STEM Club Chair and Organizing Committee Chair of this STEM Competition.   “Our STEM Club will continue to support STEM activity to local schools in Hong Kong and foster STEM technology in the local community.”




STEM Workshop on Hour of Code at CityU Apps Lab


Our HKETA Executive Committee Member and STEM Club Chairman of Youth Sub-committee, Ms. Monica Leung was invited by CityU Apps Lab (CAL) to provide a STEM Workshop – “Introduction to Arduino” at Hour Of Code at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) on 7th April, 2019.  ‘Hour of Code’ was first started by in US since 2013.  CityU Apps Lab (CAL) is one of the leading organizations in Hong Kong to hold free workshops for young students and adults to learn to code.


This Arduino workshop aims to provide training for students and school teachers about engineering and coding with the Arduino hardware platform. In the long term, students will develop computational and problem-solving skills, and able to turn their ideas into real industry prototypes to solve real-life problems.


Our Youth’s STEM Club consist of a group of passionate and young professionals on STEM development and educational activity for local community.  Our mission is to develop, organize and support STEM events and activities to industry, educational institutes, and universities to promote STEM in the market.  Our Youth team will continue to support CityU Apps Lab (CAL) ‘s STEM activities in the coming future. 





STEM Course for Lingnan University


Our HKETA Executive Committee Member and also Youth Member, Monica Leung was invited to develop STEM Curriculum and Courses at Office of Service-Learning, Lingnan University for their program - "Soc-Tech Development Scheme: Arduino Workshops". Students from Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Business learned advanced robotics and will apply the knowledge for making social innovation projects during the coming summer in Nepal, Cambodia, and Uganda.






HKETA Established MoU with San Jose State University on International Collaboration in Education, Industry and Research


HKETA established a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with San José State University (SJSU) on 13th Feb, 2019 to foster international collaboration in education, industry, and research.   This MOU is primary to establish the collaboration and support the career and professional development effort of our Youth and Startup subcommittee of HKETA through sharing SJSU’s academic programming and expertise in workforce development.


We will encourage to explore joint programs in research and development, technology workshops and seminars, and other educational activities.  Such programs could promote interest in technology among young people in Hong Kong and provide continuing education on latest technology advances to working professionals.  Program topics may include STEM training and span across a range of technologies, including but not limited to, VR/AR technology, IoT, cybersecurity and smart city applications.


We will organize educational and technology visits to expose young students and early career engineers with latest technology developments and to enhance their competitiveness in the technology field including visitation programs in Hong Kong and in Silicon Valley.


Our Youth team will continue to foster career development and professional mentoring of young talents and early career engineers and cultivate their potential as future entrepreneurs.   We will explore potential train-the-trainer arrangement between the entrepreneurial communities in Hong Kong and in Silicon Valley.





STEM Interview at RTHK


Our HKETA Youth Member, Monica Leung was invited to have an interview by RTHK for STEM focus and the podcast has been released on 8th Feb, 2019.  Monica addressed her vision and experience with her startup, Blueinno Technology, a STEM Education Provider and shared with audiences her insight how to bring her STEM education and kids development in Hong Kong. 


Monica is also our STEM Club Chair (which is established in Jan, 2019) under Youth & Startup sub-committee to develop and deliver STEM activites and workshps with industry partners such as VTC STEM education centres, local/overseas universities and other educational service providers for local students and teachers in Hong Kong.

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Networking Practicum for School of Science Students at HKUST


HKETA Youth was invited by Career Centre of The Hong Kong of University of Science and Technology (HKUST) to make networking sharing with the School of Science students on 28th Jan, 2019 at HKUST.  Around 50 undergraduate students from Life Science major joined this activity.  Our Youth Chairman, Derek Lee shared his insight and make a lot of exploration on career opportunity and how was the influence and impact of the next generation for career development from life perspective. 






Seminar on Shatin IVE (沙田) 深度行暨伙伴傑青聚會


HKETA Youth was invited by Shatin IVE's engineering for joining a 深度行暨伙伴傑青聚會 seminar on 23rd Nov, 2018 and sharing career development and the importance of study engineering to the students.


The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Shatin IVE) has launched a scheme called「IVE (沙田)深度行」with a series of events to be offered to industrial partners and schools for cross-disciplinary exchange and collaboration while learning about the latest industrial trend and manpower development of various industries.  HKETA is invited to support this event and provide a industry sharing with our engineering/industry experience and career development for the students and how the importance of study engineering.


Our Youth Chairman, Derek Lee, was invited to this event, the kick-off of the Scheme「IVE (沙田)深度行 暨 伙伴傑青聚會」at Shatin IVE and make a sharing for his career and industry experience to the students as well as the principals/career masters of secondary schools. 

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Industrial Sharing for VTC STEM Summer Camp Students at Tsing Yi IVE


HKETA Youth was invited to support an industrial sharing for VTC STEM Summer Camp Students at Tsing Yi IVE on 25th July 2018.  Over 40 secondary school students from F.1 to F.3 joined this sharing and open discussion.  Our Youth Chairman, Derek Lee and a Youth member, Monica Leung who is specializing STEM education made a sharing to explore STEM concept, its engineering and technology related to education sector to the students.  We also participated their drone practice and workshop at the end of event.

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Industrial Visit to M800 for VTC STEM Summer Camp Students


HKETA Youth organized an industrial visit on 20th July 2018 to a VTC STEM summer camp team to M800, a telecom service provider in Hong Kong. Over 40 students/kids from different secondary schools to join and visit M800's data center, IT network platform and NOC (Network Operation Center). The students got well understanding how to make a call/SMS to worldwide, Internet network design, service application design and etc.


The main target of this visit for our secondary school students by introducing the technology and communication industry in Hong Kong, as well as sharing personal experience – life as an engineer to truly inspiring our kids.

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MoU Signing Ceremony on Industry Partner Collaboration Scheme for VTC STEM Education Center


HKETA was invited by the Vocational Training Council (VTC) as one of industry partners on Industry Partner Collaboration Scheme for the VTC STEM Education Centre.  We joined a MoU signing ceremony on STEM Education Day 2018 at Chai Wan IVE on 18th Apr, 2018. 


Our HKETA Youth was actively to participate this event and setup a STEM project team to support this collaboration scheme to enhance students interests and overall understanding in the latest and innovative technology in Hong Kong.  We also plan to deliver STEM  for STEM seminars, AR/VR/AI workshops and etc for students/teachers in secondary schools with VTC STEM Education Centres.

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Industry Sharing of Network Forum for Computer Engineering Undergraduate at HKUST


HKETA Youth was invited by Career Centre of The Hong Kong of University of Science and Technology (HKUST) to make an industry sharing and panel discussion for 200+ of year 2 Computer Engineering undergraduate students 21st Feb, 2018 at HKUST.  The following major topics are discussed and shared by the industry guests.

1. Career interviewing skill

2. The latest industry trend and development

3. How our students of engineering do to tap into the job market

Our Youth Chairman, Derek Lee shared his industry experience on Hong Kong and Regional Asia job markets to students.   He also shared how to prepare for engineering jobs and future career development.  





Career Mock-Interview Sessions for Under-Graduates Engineering Students for Tech Companies in Silicon Valley at HKUST


HKETA Youth was invited by Career Centre of The Hong Kong of University of Science and Technology (HKUST) to make few sessions of career mock-interview practicum with engineering under-graduates on 5th Dec, 2017 at HKUST.


Our Youth Chairman, Derek Lee made a few of mock-interview practicum sessions with event facilitator to share the insight and skill-set on the recruitment interview and internship program to tech companies in silicon valley. 




HKETA Youth Organized Youth Forum (Intellectual Property (IP) Patent in Commercialization Process)


HKETA Youth organized the Youth Forum (Networking Practicum in Small Talks Circles) on 10th Nov 2017, 6:30-9:00 pm in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  The theme of this forum was “Prospective & Career Opportunity for Engineering in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific”.  This Youth Forum was one of our Youth Sub-committee’s major activities this year.  It was designed for UG/PG students and young alumni in local Universities for gathering and networking fellowship in our Youth platform.


In this forum, Dr. Teresa Law, Founder and Director, Akos Advanced Technology and also, our IP advisor of our Youth, as a speaker to a talk : "Intellectual Property (IP) Patent in Commercialization Process" to our students and shared with them to understand the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) rights and patents how to fit into the business model during the commercialization of the product or service to be invented.


Participants were primarily from UG/PG, young alumni and startups from PolyU. In the final sharing session, our industry guests, Alvin Lee, CEO, Armitage Technologies and Wilson Chan, Senior Manager, Strategy and Business Development, CISCO Systems, Asia Pacific and Japan Regions shared the challenges, opportunities, and prospects of career/startup development in Hong Kong and regional countries.

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HKETA Youth Organized a Networking Dinner with the Theme of STEM Business, Technology and Service 


HKETA Youth organized a Networking Dinner with the theme of “STEM Business, Technology and Service”.  It was successfully held on 27th Oct, 2017 at Happiness Cuisine at Science Park.


Over 50 participants including guests, industry fellows and young students from local universities joined our dinner event.  Our guests made a great talk nd discussion to explore the current STEM situation in Hong Kong and how STEM can be developed and integrated as a service oriented to education sector.  Technology STEM company also presented our participants current STEM product trend and how is the future education model by STEM focus.


Three talks were presented by the following professionals from industry :

1. To Share on the business development/ marketing side, how STEM can be developed/ integrated as a service oriented to education sector, by Mr Terry Ng, Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Consumer Group, HKT

2. To Share STEM Product Trend, by  Ms Monica Leung, Founder, Blueinno Technology Limited

3. To Share STEM & Robotics competition: The future education, by Mr. Roy Pang, General Manager, BDS Technology (HK) Limited