HKETA STEM Competition: Innovate For Future 2019/IFF2019

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STEM Club is established in Jan 2019 under Youth & Startup Subcommittee.  This club is developed and managed by a group of young professionals and talents who are passionate on STEM focus and developing different STEM activities and workshops to the market and community.   We encourage to explore STEM programs in research and development, workshops, trainings and other educational activities that could promote interest in technology among young people in Hong Kong. 


STEM/STEAM is a very hot topic in the market either in academic and industry sides.  It is one of the core technology aspects to be developed and addressed by our Youth team.   Currently HKETA has been working and partnership with different industry associations, academic institutes and local universities on STEM-related events and activities.


Our missions of STEM club are:


  1. Organize and support STEM activities to the industry, local universities and tertiary institutes to promote STEM in the market.
  2. Develop white paper, workshops, and forums to industry related to STEM.
  3. Joint development of STEM projects in IoT and Smart City applications in the community.
  4. Provide facilitator to support the STEM career sharing session.
  5. Offer industrial visit opportunities to experience the state-of-the-art facilities at the STEM-related operations.
  6. Promote and explore joint STEM programs partnership with other international university and potential train-the trainer arrangement. 


STEM Club Team Members


Ms Monica Leung,  STEM Club Chairman

Mr Calvin Kam, STEM Trainer (specializing in Computer Vision & AI)

Mr Benny Cheung, STEM Trainer (specializing in hardware and electronics engineering)

Ms Rachel Lam, Event Management

Ms Emma Yeung, Event Management



STEM Club Events and Workshops


STEM Club is under planning and organizing a lot of STEM-related events and activities for our Youth members and also to local community.  The details of the event and program will be announced later on.  The following events are planned soon.


  1. Annual HKETA STEM competition : Innovate For Future 2019 which is supported by SJSU/SVCGS
  2. STEM technology seminar and workshop in summer camp with VTC STEM Education Center
  3. Industry visit to VTC STEM Education Center and others
  4. STEM industry sharing and workshops in local Universities, HKSTP, HKIE and etc.